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Our Dissolvable Liner™ is a revolutionary pressure sensitive label with a dry liner coating that dissolves when lightly moistened. This new technology is only available on this patent-pending product from Ward-Kraft and comes in multiple printer driven lengths.


To remove the Dissolvable Liner™ coating lightly moisten the pressure sensitive label or substrate, apply mild pressure and the label starts to bond within seconds. The Dissolvable Liner™ eliminates the waste of traditional matrix and liners, resulting in a more eco-friendly product that saves you time and money.


This label is designed to work with the Ward-Kraft Auto-Applicator and can reach an average label output speed of 1.6 seconds, allowing you to label up to 37 boxes per minute*.



  • Shipping Label

  • Marketing Piece

  • Instruction Piece

  • Contents List

  • Rewards/Loyalty Piece


  • E-Commerce

  • Retail Stores

  • 3 PL/Logistic Companies


  • Designed to work with the Ward-Kraft Applicator to simplify the shipping process and keep the lines running fast

  • Ability to adhere to cardboard boxes or bubble packaging

  • More eco-friendly because it eliminates the liner waste

  • Available in direct thermal, thermal transfer, laser or inkjet

  • Recommended printers available

*Applicator speed is dependent on the length of label and speed of the printer.

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